Every day in Australia, a child is born into a world of silence or becomes deaf through illness. Permanent hearing impairment is a significant condition in newborns, affecting between 250 and 400 babies in Australia every year. Without professional intervention, children with hearing loss can experience delays in their speech, language, learning and social development.

About the Taralye Foundation

The Taralye Foundation is a company limited by guarantee and is a separate legal entity from the Advisory Council for Children with Impaired Hearing (ACCIH) operating as Taralye.

The Taralye Foundation was established in 2002 and exists to financially support, and ensure a sustainable future for, Taralye in its vision that children who are deaf will listen, learn and speak to their full potential. We support Taralye by funding capital expenses, research and specific projects.

The day-to-day operational costs of Taralye are funded by government (approximately 40%) and fundraising by Taralye.

About Taralye

The Advisory Council for Children with Impaired Hearing (ACCIH), now operating as Taralye, was established in 1968 by a group of parents who sought to obtain oral speech and language outcomes for their young hearing impaired children. Their ground-breaking work prompted other families with hearing impaired children to seek help in teaching their children to listen and speak through inclusive, evidence-based programs and this sentiment has remained core to our family-centred practices.

Taralye's mission is to enhance life opportunities for children who are deaf by working closely with their families to deliver evidence-based programs, by participating in research, and by advocating on their behalf.

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The majority of children with impaired hearing can develop language through listening. It is essential to identify the hearing loss as soon as possible, fit the child with the best sensory device, and provide adequate and appropriate support to families in the early years.

If undetected, significant bilateral hearing impairment can have profound effects on a child’s speech, language and cognitive development. This, in turn, affects the child’s emotional and social wellbeing. Taralye, with the support of the Taralye Foundation, provides early intervention services to help support hearing-impaired children and give them the same opportunities as their hearing peers.